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Which is the Worst Area to buy a plot in Hyderabad in 2018 -19? Don't get trapped!

You are here because you are intelligent and careful enough not to make a mess of your hard earned money! That's good! No one wants to actually dig a whole and dump cash and pull mud over it and forget it! But unfortunately, this is exactly what thousands of people are doing right now! Curious? Read on!

The people who did it in 2004-2006 with Shamshabad, are yet to get out of the damning shock delivered by the market. Most of those investors can't even locate their plots, because the so called "ventures" are run over by massive bushes and re-inhabited by the poor creatures (foxes, mongooses, snakes, vultures and the like ) who were driven out during those times! And now they are back and enjoying the serene, Shamshabad backyards, where no human footfalls have happened since a number of years! (When the screaming real estate marketers vanish, serenity returns, because there won't be any further man movement,driven into the undeveloped, extended countryside!)

So what did the hundreds of thousands of those investors do? They virtually buried their hard earned money (most of it converted into rupees, at measly exchange rates, by our NRI friends) in the "investor killing-fields" of Shamshabad backyards! And it's all gone! Plots which would have been worth couple of hundred rupees then, were sold off by crooks posing as real estate developers, at astronomical rates. And today, investors can't get a buyer even in their dreams! And the once omnipresent brokers are conspicuous by their absence, from those areas! And obviously so!

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None of those people would had "invested" (is that the right word?!) in Shamshabad, would touch the current stupid craze called "Pharma City", with even a barge pole! But there are enough scapegoats floating around, for another bunch of small-time realtors, to slaughter! Lessons learned are not passed on to the larger investor community, since the people who were hurt, are too shy to admit the horrific rape of their own money, they themselves committed, in Shamshabad.

So what's driving the new crop of "investors" to the "Pharma City", like lemmings to water?

It's pure madness to listen to high pitched sales spiel and handover over money to be buried under the punishing rural landscape, with no escape! "Pharma City" in Mucherla / Kadthal and surrounding villages is hyped up as something like Silicon Valley. High rise buildings, fast moving cars, malls, escalators, lakhs of people buzzing in and out! There are any number of fake and cut and paste videos on Youtube, to trap the gullible!

Open your eyes! This "Pharma City" in the end, is nothing more than a glorified version of Jeedimetla and Pashamylaram. Most outsiders avoid going near places where chemical and pharma industries are concentrated, due to ground and air pollution. Don't fall for stuff like Zero discharge and No air pollution. This is INDIA! The Effluent Treatment plants would work only for few months, then it will all be back to "normal". Don't expect any outsider to come and buy your plots in Pharma "City" (CITY?!) And you would be the last person who would want to go and stay there, considering your love for your family!

Unscrupulous realtors are selling land far and wide calling its "NEAR" Pharma city. 90% of those layouts are far, far away and they are FOOLING buyers. Not that being closer to the actual location, is any better! Even the realtors don't know the exact boundaries of the so called Pharma City! It's like getting blindfolded and led to the guillotine, while you were promised the wondrous path to Heaven!

The people who work in Chemical and Pharma industries are generally low paid workers. The managerial staff would be minuscule. Those low paid industrial workers are not going to buy your plots! Also just like in the horrific case of Shamshabad, the so called Pharma City land is surrounded by a HUGE tracts of barren land. Lakhs of acres of land!

There will be so much oversupply of plots, just like in the Shamshabad rural areas, resulting in almost zero value for plots. (Zero value since there won't be buyers even at 1/4th of your current purchase price. When you can't sell, it is as good as ZERO value). Today, people are being driven in fast cars by realtors and taken to "ventures" in the uninhabited desert. Tomorrow, there will be no one to help these unfortunate buyers. And off course, there will not be a single resale buyer in future, to buy those god forsaken plots!

Stay away from this wretched scam! Keep your money, instead, in FD in a good bank! At least you will get to enjoy the capital, even if interest is low!.

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