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Panchayat Plot = HMDA Plot. Why the urban middle class voted en masse for the TRS

You may have political disagreement with the TRS, but you will agree, the TRS Govt. had brought in remarkable changes in governance which impacted the life of every individual, whether rural, urban, poor or middle class, in a positive way.

The welfare schemes targeted the rural population and the urban poor, influencing their electoral choice in a big way. Every family benefited from one or the other scheme and many were multiple recipients of benefits

Here they are, for quick reference!

  • Aarogya Lakshmi Scheme

  • Aasara Pension

  • Amma Vodi & KCR Kit

  • Double Bedroom Housing scheme

  • Kalyana Lakshmi - Shaadi Mubarak

  • Rythu Bandhu Scheme (Rs.8000/year/acre!)

  • Telangana Sheep Distribution scheme

  • Mission Bhagiratha (Rural drinking water project - under progress)

So how come the urban middle class and the lower middle class end up voting, the TRS to a massive victory? (Not just in Hyderabad, but across all urban clusters)

There are many important factors and a real killer!

  • Visible improvement in Public Infrastructure

  • Remarkable improvement in Drinking Water Supply

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply / No Power Cuts!

(Voters have not forgotten the terrible power supply and water situation in the years prior to 2014)

And then there was this killer factor!

Democratization of Land Rate

There was a time when only the political class, cinema wallas, NRIs and the government servants (who took bribes!) were the only rich.

They had expensive land holdings in Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, core Hitec City and other traditionally expensive areas of the city. (The same applies to all other urban centers in the state)

There was unbelievably large difference in land rate between the land holdings of the rich and the middle class. While Jubilee Hills / Banjara Hills etc quoted 1.5L per sqd (Pre 2014), the "poor man's land" was at a pittance! It must have averaged Rs.5000/sqd if you take the city and suburbs where these voters lived!

And there was this big fad pushed by the mindless old political class, of HUDA vs, Panchayat. While 90% of all land in the city and suburbs were non HUDA, they wantonly created a untouchability like situation, where this 90% land was illegal and worthless! And hence all the urban middle and lower middle class were untouchables / "chors" living on illegal land!

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The revulsion against the previous congress Govts dating from that of YSR, due to this terrible misinformation campaign, eventually hurt the party, badly. Every little house and plot except that of the rich, were all illegal and were to be razed to ground and redeveloped as HUDA layout and again bought by the rich and NRIs only?

By allowing people to buy, sell and build on every bit of land, except Govt land and other no go areas, the Govt helped to initiate a boom, in real estate activity. Gradually, the poor man's plot started quoting higher, while the rich man's land remained stuck, at the old rate!

Massive democratization is underway! The rich man's land has not even doubled in 4 years, while the poor man's land has multiplied, on an average, 5 to 6 times! Who cares for Jubilee Hills plots any more?!

In effect, the once ignored Panchayat plots have beaten the HUDA plots, in appreciation, by miles!

It was not a Govt designed benefit scheme, unlike the many, which targeted the poor. This was something that happened because the Govt stayed away from interfering with the lives of common man (and rightly so). It allowed market forces to act, instead of creating obstacles, like the Congress Govts did earlier.

No wonder, why the urban voters flocked to the TRS! Panchayat Plot = HMDA Plot. Jai Ho!

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